Resilience in Rain: The Umbrella Repairer's Journey to good vision

It’s a saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure and that’s the case of Mr. Chunnimulla on the outskirts of the slum of Salia Sahi. The 59-year-old has already done a lot to stay afloat repairing umbrellas that were broken in the past monsoon. He was already wearing an old pair of glasses but upon listening to our project, he opted to get his eyesight checked and improve the number on his prescription. Realizing that the check-up is free, and he can get his new pair of glasses at a fraction has made a world of difference for his business.
The Umbrella Repairer's Journey to good vision
Ms. Gauri Sahu

How do the Good Vision Glasses look on me?

When Ms. Gauri Sahu sees the Good Vision India team, the 75-year-old is eager to be photographed and put on a pair of the Good Vision Glasses. She is amused by her photos with glasses and wants to be photographed again and again. When asked if she requires glasses, she admits uncertainty but expresses a willingness to consider attending one of our eye camps in the future. She received Good Vision glasses and is pleased to wear them as they provide good vision. Not only good vision was restored, but also her smile!

Enabling Vision Care at Construction Sites

Despite being 37 and toiling away at a construction site to make ends meet, Hemanta Reddy struggled everyday at work because of his increasingly blurry eyesight. Hindered by both time and means, he couldn’t afford a visit to the eye doctor. However, fortune smiled upon him when an eye screening camp was set up at his workplace, offering him the chance for a check-up for free. Thanks to Good Vision India, Hemanta’s gratitude knew no bounds as he regained clarity with Good Vision Glasses. This made him work at ease!
Vision Care at Construction Sites

Sewing Threads Of Determination: The Tale Of Sanju Sahu

In the center of a busy town, where sewing machines hum loudly, lives an amazing woman named Sanju Sahu. At 50 years old, she’s a very strong person who depends on her affordable glasses to do her sewing work perfectly. Sanju learned how to sew from her mom when she was young, because she really wanted a better life. Even though things were difficult for her, like not having much money and some people not approving, she never stopped loving to sew. Now, in her simple workspace, Sanju carefully sews beautiful things, her glasses helping her see well.

Supporting Girl's Education With Good Vision

Nestled in the heart of Bokaro, Jharkhand, stands a school with a name steeped in history: “Kasturba Gandhi Balika Awasiya Vidyalaya,”. This school offers hope to girls from disadvantaged backgrounds. One student, Ms. Khursida, dreams of a banking career. However, blurry vision demotivates her from studying and concentrating in class. Recently, during an eye screening at her school, Ms. Khursida received a pair of Good Vision glasses. This simple yet invaluable gift holds the promise of transforming her educational aspirations into reality.
Supporting Girl's Education
Anshuman Pradhan

The Story Of A Little Boy: A Journey From Struggle To Confidence

Anshuman Pradhan a small school boy dreams big! However, he has been grappling with blurry vision, struggling to decipher letters and numbers on the blackboard. During a routine eye screening camps at schools, it was found that he was nearsighted. He received his glasses, and the world around him came into sharp focus. Now he feels confident both in the classroom and on the playground. Anshuman’s story is not unique; in India, approximately 5% of children tested require visual aids like glasses. These simple interventions have a profound impact, not only improving their vision but also boosting their confidence and overall well-being.

Conquering Cataracts - The Silent Thief Of Sight!

About 20% of all patients who receive an eye test from our eye screening camps are found with cataracts, especially middle-aged beneficiaries. Good Vision India sponsors cataract operation for all those who cannot afford this. We invite patients to a nearby eye camp for a check-up and most of them are happy to accept this offer. So, did Ghanshyam Mahala. He received free cataract surgery at Vision Eye Care Hospital in Bhubaneshwar. The 72-year-old is pleased and tells us that he can now go back to his job as a house painter from time to time. This makes him happy and independent as he brings an income home.
Conquering Cataracts

Good Vision For Rickshaw Drivers – Ensuring Road Safety!

At 9:00 am in the morning, the eye camp in Odisha’s Puri district was bustling with a large crowd. Collaborating with the rickshaw drivers, Good Vision India conducted free eye screening camp, drawing in about 200 patients. This successful event highlighted drivers’ awareness of the importance of good vision for safety. Among them was Mr. Budhia, a resident of a nearby slum who earns a modest income as a bicycle rickshaw rider, barely sufficient for his family of four. Opting for our most affordable glasses during the free eye checkup, Budhia now feels noticeably more comfortable and secure while navigating his rickshaw.

Restoring Sight Of Fishermen In Puri, India

On the eastern coast of Odisha lies the Bay of Bengal, a bustling hub for locals and home to the fishermen of Chandrabhaga village. With around 2000 residents, fishing is the heartbeat of the community. The lively place lacks basic eye care services. Thanks to Good Vision India, we reached this remote area and provided eye screening services. During the eye camps, many cataract patients were identified, whose impaired vision jeopardized the livelihoods of fishermen and their families. To address this, Good Vision India facilitated free cataract surgeries for these individuals through donations.
Restoring Sight Of Fishermen In Puri
The Coal Miner Workers

Light Amidst Dark: GoodVision For Coal Mine Workers

In the depths of Dhanbad’s coal mines, where darkness reigns and the weight of the world rests on weary shoulders, there exists a beacon of resilience named Jajo Devi. From the tender age of 14, Jajo has toiled tirelessly to sustain her life. Working in such an atmosphere harms eyesight in so many ways. We offered Jajo reading glasses. These simple spectacles not only provide good vision but also obstruct dust particles entering her eyes. Jajo is very proud of her reading glasses, because now she can finally do all the work better again.

Loving Your Eyes At Work - Eyecare For Workers

Ramcharan has toiled in the depths of the mines, his hands guiding drills at the coal mines, his eyes straining against the shadows that envelop his world. Ramcharan found himself grappling with a different kind of darkness – one that clouded his vision and stole away the clarity of his sight. The distance became a blur, and the sunlight, once a welcome beacon, became a source of discomfort. Ramcharan received his Good Vision glasses – a simple yet profound gift that would change his life forever. As he donned the glasses, the world around him came into sharp focus, each detail etched with newfound clarity.
Eyecare For Workers
Laundryman Gets Back good vision

The Laundryman Gets Back Good Vision

Raj works tirelessly, washing clothes for his customers for a living. But behind his diligent facade, Raj harbored a secret struggle – his vision had begun to blur, casting a shadow over his work. Lack of proper means and accessibility of vision care services in his area prevented Raj from getting his eyes checked. Thankfully Raj had the opportunity to visit eye screening camp conducted by Good Vision India at his village. As he tried on his new glasses for the first time, the world around him came into focus. Raj approached his laundry duties with newfound confidence, grateful for the opportunity to see the world anew and embrace its beauty.